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Freedom from Stress Leading to Burnout: The Program

Stress is part of living. But when it gets out of control, stress can lead to poor health and eventually turn into the debilitating onset of burnout.

The good news is that abnormally high levels of stress and resulting misery of burnout can be prevented. This program will accelerate your road to recovery!

Freedom from Stress was researched and designed by Career Specialist Craig Armstrong, with assistance from Career Psychologist Dr. David Willings, PhD, and Post-Graduate Medical Professor Dr. Nick Chamberlain, MD. This comprehensive program was the result of working with hundreds of people just like you — people determined to free themselves from the tyranny of stress.


Part 1: Resetting Your Brain

  • Emotional & Physical Symptoms
  • Balancing Lifestyles & Perspectives
  • Training Video 1 (20 min)

Dealing with stress has a lot to do with our brain chemistry. Too much stress throws it out of balance, leading to all sorts of adverse symptoms and conditions. One such condition can be a medical diagnosis of anxiety & depression.

In Part 1 you’ll learn how to identify the emotional & physical indicators of abnormal stress levels, and how to reset your brain chemistry. You’ll discover the importance of maintaining balance by adjusting your lifestyle and perspective — how you see yourself and others. The first training video discusses these aspects of stress prevention.

knowledge is power

Part 2: Burnout Assessment Test (BAT)

  • Shadows on Your Right Hand (learning text)
  • Celebration Process Charts
  • Training Video 2 (36 min)

Part 2 focuses on burnout prevention and accelerated recovery. Its key component is the BAT, which you’ll complete on-line. The BAT quickly identifies & measures 18 stressors that can attack your personal life and work. This assessment, which is completely confidential, aims to alleviate extreme agitation & tension, celebrate your strengths, and channel personal growth.

This section is reinforced by Shadows On Your Right Hand, Craig Armstrong’s book that contains five critical chapters on stressors & burnout prevention. Also included is the second training video highlighting a number of elements from the Burnout Assessment Test and the book.

Part 3: Your Career Path

  • Personal Employment Evaluation Profile (PEEP)
  • Navigating Career Highways (learning text)

Part 3 is all about your life at work. It asks, “Are you on the right career path, and if not, what are your options?” You’ll take another confidential assessment, the PEEP, which measures your life goals, vocational preferences & employment roles; your skills, talents & natural attributes; and finally, your personality potential & the powers of your creative brain.

The companion text to the PEEP and this final part of the program is Navigating Career Highways.

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Limit of Liability/Disclaimer of Warranty: The information contained in this program is not intended to serve as a replacement for medical or any other professional advice. If you have any conditions requiring attention, you should consult with your health care professional regarding use or modification of the program. Use at your own discretion.